24 West 39th St., New York, NY 10018

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Welcome to Red Velvet Burlesque NYC & Exotic Cabaret

Red Velvet Burlesque NYC & Exotic Cabaret is the number one NYC stripper burlesque and exotic cabaret experience in the Tri-State area. Featuring some of the most talented stripper burlesque dancers in the industry, we strive to provide some of the provocative and sexy exotic cabaret dancing you have ever seen. As a result, we offer a new variety of entertainment with audience interaction. Of course, you’d need to come visit yourself to experience this amazing stripper burlesque experience first-hand. Don’t hesitate and contact us today to learn more about how you can experience the best burlesque experience New York City has to offer.

What Separates Red Velvet NYC Burlesque From Others

We offer some of the best stripper burlesque and exotic cabaret entertainers in the NYC area and every week we have new acts and stimulating experiences! Get ready for some audience participation as our dancers include the audience as part of the entertainment. As a result, you will leave feeling amazed as there has never experienced anything as Red Velvet NYC Stripper Burlesque & Exotic Cabaret.

We guarantee that you have never had an exotic cabaret experience in NYC similar to what we have to offer. Thus, we combine the classic stripper burlesque style dancing with a modern and sexy new twist to offer a unique audience experience. Celebrate your birthday, bachelor, bachelorette, anniversary or just a fun night out on the town with us. Our dancers will leave you wanting more each and every time. Keep up to date with our news section to learn more. Consequently, we are consistently in the news as the dynamic of our entertainment services change to adjust to our customers’ needs and desires.

New Exotic Burlesque Entertainment

With a blend of classical strip teases and modern musical entertainment, we aim to provide the perfect mix of providing new exotic cabaret experience. Visit our news section to learn more about the different entertainers we have available or contact us today to learn more. Also you can learn more about our company here

As a result, Red Velvet offers something new and exciting to the world of burlesque. We do not just provide typical vanilla-type burlesque dancing. Our dancers are some of the most entertaining individuals in the world. Moreover, you can expect to experience something you will not find in any part of the country.

Interact with the Burlesque Dancers

You can also meet our strippers burlesque dancers and exotic cabaret performers every weekend. Moreover, all of our dancers and performers love meeting their fans so stop by today and introduce yourself. They always love hearing from their fans. Our exotic burlesque dancers are some of the friendliest dancers in the industry. They connect with their fans on a deep level and respond to messages on Instagram or Facebook. As a result, feel free to drop the a line to learn more about how they got into the business. 

Our company receives feedback from aspiring burlesque dancers and cabaret entertainers and we are always here to help. As a result, our management never shy away from mentoring new dancers and helping them break into the industry. We understand that it may look daunting but we are here every step of the way.

What to Expect When Visiting Red Velvet Burlesque NYC & Exotic Cabaret

Red Velvet is the premiere choice for burlesque and cabaret entertainment services in the New York City area. We strive to provide only the the best in customer service and exotic entertainment. As a result, all of our fans provide favorable feedback and continue to interact with us even long after they visited our show. We receive repeat customers on a monthly basis and continue to provide on the highest quality level of entertainment. Consequently, we continue to improve and expand our customer experience by incorporating feedback into our services. Our clients can only expect the best in the industry. Thus, give us a call today to learn more or take some time to visit other parts of the website to get a better feeling of what it would be like to visit Red Velvet Burlesque NYC.

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Red Velvet NYC Stripper Burlesque & Exotic Cabaret is located at 24 West 39th Street, New York, NY 10018. 


Red Velvet NYC Stripper Burlesque & Exotic Cabaret has on-going events from 7/8 PM – 12/1 AM. Please contact us to get the latest times and information.


Reservations are required and tickets need to be purchased in advance. There is limited seating capacity and once tickets are sold out we do not allow any more people to enter. 


Please dress appropriately.


To protect the identities of our strippers and exotic dancers, we do not allow photos or videos. Many of our dancers have jobs during the week and would like their identities to be protected.


Food is available to order. A menu will be available through the website soon.


Please visit our About page to learn more about our strippers. Our dancers are highly trained and bring with them many years of experience.


We are always open to auditioning new and experienced dancers for our club. We understand that there is a lot of talent in NYC and in the Tri-State area. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] to learn more about how you can apply.


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